Animal Welfare

Animal welfare 2Of the 70 billion animals reared annually for food and fashion, 50 billion of them are subjected to a lifetime of confinement on factory farms, where most suffer under poor health, transportation and slaughter standards. On-going, high profile NGO and media exposés into cruel farming practices continue to focus attention on animal welfare within the fashion and beauty supply chains. In response, many fashion retailers are now looking at how they can meet the increased demand for higher animal welfare products and deliver greater supply chain transparency.

We can help fashion and beauty retailers establish or update existing animal welfare programmes in line with best practice. Services provided include:

  • animal welfare policy development and implementation
  • supplier and animal derived material mapping and risk assessments
  • training workshops and materials
  • communications strategies
  • advice on NGO engagement
  • advice on industry initiatives.

The Reassurance Network has supported a number of international fashion retailers, including ASOS, Fat Face, H&M and Superdry, to develop industry leading animal welfare programmes which have received recognition from prominent animal welfare organisations.