Auditing & Assessments

When done well, auditing is an important monitoring and risk assessment tool to be used as part of an overall improvement programme.

AuditAuditing of labour standards and factory working conditions has quite rightly attracted criticism, from brands and suppliers alike. All too often, audits fail to identify serious issues, create adversarial relationships and promote falsification of factory records.

The Reassurance Network has set out to create an alternative to conventional “mass auditing” by using an experienced team that is skilled at building trust and encouraging transparency. Through dialogue, we are often able to uncover a true picture of factory conditions which commonly contradicts traditional audit findings. We are also then able to work with factory management to help them understand the benefits of lasting improvements. By combining assessment, monitoring and improvement, we can help identify root causes, develop improvement plans and foster positive working relationships, built on greater trust and transparency.

We have auditing and assessment facilities throughout China, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and South and South East Asia. Fees depend upon the location and size of factory. We can provide quotes on request.

Current auditing and assessment clients include, ASOS, Burberry, Debenhams, FatFace, Hunter Boots, Mulberry, NEXT, New Look, Primark, River Island, SuperDry, Twinings and a range of suppliers and factories.