Monitoring-104x104-P Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) are the cornerstones of any successful corporate responsibility or social development intervention. They help organisations answer the question: are our social programmes and projects making a difference? An effective M&E system enables regular tracking of project and programme progress; provides opportunities throughout implementation for reflection, learning and strategic adjustments; and enables end-of-term measurement of objectives. It allows for learning from challenges as well as up-scaling of best practices. Moreover, good M&E ensures accountability towards project beneficiaries, project sponsors, as well as the public. To be successful, M&E systems need to be uncomplicated, participatory, transparent, measure the right information and provide opportunities for continuous learning and improvement. We can help clients to develop practical M&E systems and provide on going implementation support to ensure they become embedded within day-to-day operations. Our M&E services include:

  • comprehensive M&E systems development at project, programme or organisational-level
  • facilitation of participatory progress and learning reviews throughout implementation
  • participatory or independent mid-term or end-of-term project or programme evaluations.

We have developed M&E systems for leading international NGOs, including Oxfam GB, and have provided technical M&E support to UN agencies such as ILO and UNICEF across Africa. We have also carried out formal corporate responsibility strategy and programme evaluations for British Airways, Camelot, National Australia Bank and Next.